Simple Bliss


My Hubby and I on our wedding day. (I was 9 months pregnant)

The pain has surrendered, it’s no longer knocking at my door. The happiness sinks in, a feeling I’ve never known before. The touch of your hand, sets my mind at ease. And the wind roar’s in and takes me on loves magic breeze. These feelings are new, I’ve never known them before. There is no more darkness or pain standing outside my door. Loves bells of true bliss begin to ring in my ear. Reminding me of your faithfulness and to always hold you near. Like the pureness of a dove, your love cannot be replaced. And I’m reminded of all these things, when I simply see your face. The darkness and pain have surrendered, they no longer exist. But the light in your eyes shines brighter, and your love is Simple Bliss.


Wrote this poem for my Hubby, you may use it but please do not claim that you wrote it. A link back would be nice too. Thanks


Oh Dear Bird.

Oh dear bird, how I’ve longed to see you so. See the feather’s of your freedom and the depth’s of your soul. The sound of your wings put my heart at ease. And to hear your beautiful song is like an unimaginable dream. With your beauty and grace you slowly take flight. And sail off into the dawn’s breaking light. With my heart attached to your feet I watch you disappear. While my happiness and freedom turns quickly into fear. The fear of your absence is the worst fear of all, but I will wait for you my dear friend and I will see you in the fall. We will meet at our place of wonder and delight, and I will feel freedom once again when your are back in my sight. Oh my dear bird, how I’ve longed to see you so. See the feather’s of your freedom and the depth’s of your soul.




The Fog, My Love.

Stepping onto the cold wet pavement, I began to feel the cold rain droplets fall onto my face. As if they were meant to land there, to wash my sorrows away. Looking into the distance I notice a tall dark figure standing in the foggy forest. The feeling of sorrow, of loneliness, and hate began to overcome my emotions. As the tears began forming in my eyes I slowly fell to the ground. My knees were my cushion and the pain was so dense. The heaviness began to overcome me, starting from the top of my head. My eyes widened and I could see the figure begin to slowly walk towards me. As it stepped out of the fog I saw it more clearly. The figure of a human but his body was filled with all of my misjudgments, the pain, the sorrow, the suffering I had collected throughout the years. Not a word was spoken as it slowly crept to stand before me. The figure extended it’s arm and placed it on my right shoulder as if it were knighting me. Knighting me for being the most shameful being it had ever seen.  Bells began to ring in my ears as the figures mouth slowly opened. Slowly my body began to rise as if I were an object floating through space. As the bells grew louder my body rose higher and soon I was face to face with this haunting creature. Quickly it’s mouth closed and I could feel the weight of my past slowly lifting from my shoulders. Watching the figure I began to notice that all of my shameful memories were erasing from the figures form. Closing my eyes I began to feel relief, pleasure, and a small taste of happiness. The figure coughed as if to grab my attention and I slowly opened my eyes. There before me stood the man I loved, the man who wrapped me in love all those years ago. The husband that I had married and the man who would always save me from the darkness of my life.


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I have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award” . Thanks to “Dark Zone“.

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Now a little bit about my self:

1. I’m a writer in the making.

2. Alabama is where my ghosts from the past haunt me.

3. Everything in my world is constantly rushing through my head, there are so many things I need to get out .

4. My blog is the only place I can really be myself.

5. My family inspires me to be so much more than I already am.

6. My two kids are my life, and my world revolves around them.

7. Writing is like my medicine, I can feel so many things but when i write i am able to take those things off of me and share them with the world.


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A Blissful Delight

 Blissful feelings are so hard to come by. Pain and suffering always seem to follow with every step i take. Where can i run, is there a place i can hide? Things seem to be going great and then WHAM! The pain and suffering are in my face as if they were a shadow standing in a nearby corner waiting for the perfect moment to attack. My head starts pounding the light that was once burning bright in my eyes slowly begins to dim. The laughter and happiness I once held onto just slips from my hands as if it were never meant to be there. Somethings in life are a simple mistake. The mistake of giving someone so down and so haunted the pureness and innocence of something so small. Blissful feelings are so hard to come by, when you are able to grab one hold onto it for as long as you can. For in the darkened corner of a nearby hallway might just be the darkness to take it from you yet again.



Red heart balloon tied to a chair

“What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing still, to love!”
― Victor Hugo

Love, what is it?

Is it that funny feeling you get deep in your stomach. When the one you crush on walks into sight? Or is it the flutter in your heart when a touch or a simple caress is made by someone special? The quote “It’s better to love and be loved then to have never loved at all.” How can a person not love at all? Love is not just with a significant other. When a newborn child is born he loves his mother. When a child receives his first pet, he loves that pet. When someone gets a memory that they want to hold onto , they love that memory. Everyone loves and has been loved at some point in their lives. Rather they want to admit it or not. Love? What is it? It’s the sensation you have when you have realized it’s all true.

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Remember Them

I wrote this poem back in September of 2010. After seeing all the tributes on t.v. I was inspired. Feeling that thousands of voiceless souls had something to say. Closing my eyes I began to imagine the pain, the horror that they all felt. So this was my attempt to give them all a voice, to show the world what they were faced with. These people will always remain in my heart and with every September that rolls around they will remain in my thoughts and prayers.



A loud roar is what started it all,

it’s what everyone heard before the buildings began to fall.

Watching with horror and fear in our hearts,

feeling as if our world was falling apart.

But for just one moment imagine you were them,

sitting in your office and watching the planes crash in.

Trapped inside what would seem like living hell,

inside fire filled offices and smoke filled stairwells.

Not knowing if they were to live or die,

imagine your life flashing right before your eyes.

It flashed before theirs over and over again,

never again to see their families and never again to see their friends.

Today we remember these people from nine years ago,

may peace be with them and may God rest their souls.


©Sandra Sears 2012

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